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National Agency for fight against corruption (ANLC)


The National Agency for fight against corruption (ANLC) was estalished in 2004 (Order No./ 2004/7137/MPCEF/SGG July 13 2004) from the ruins of the National Committee against corruption was founded in May 2000.



The ANLC is the only state agency responsible for fight against corruption.It is domiciled at the Ministry of the Presidency in charge of economic and financial control.The ANLC is not independent neither formally nor in practice.Its official mission is to fight against corruption and promote integrity in particular developing and implementing a plan.The ANLC’s actions cover all public and private players throughout the country.The ANLC shall report to his ministry.



The ANLC is very small in both manpower and funding.The ANLC has 40 employees and manages FG as a state subsidy.Public consultation is included and is done.



An office for receiving complaints from citizens is open to the Agency.For the period 2004-2005, the office received 33 complaints.All these complaints are from victims abuse by officials.The agency was able to settle three of these cases to the satisfaction of complainants.The others have been treated or are being considered.It should be noted that disputes between citizens are not treated by the agency.