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International Group for Anti-Corruption Coordination(IGAC)


The International Group for Anti-Corruption CoordinationIGACis dedicated to strengthening international anti-corruption coordination and collaboration.IGAC members include organisations active internationally in anti-corruption policy, advocacy and enforcement, including OECD, CoE, Interpol, Transparency International, UNDP, UNODC, the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, and others.Members shall actively participate in, and support, the work of the Group.

New members can be nominated for inclusion to the Group by advising the Secretariat, who shall review such applications.Annual meetings have recently tackled issues such as curbing corruption in emergency relief and implementing the UN Convention against Corruption.IGAC is supported by the Principality of Liechtenstein, the Netherlands and Norway.



The International Group for Anti-Corruption Coordination is dedicated to strengthening international anti-corruption coordination and collaboration in order to avoid undue duplication and to ensure effective and efficient use of existing resources, using systems already in place at the regional and national level.

It provides a platform for exchange of views, information, experiences andbest practice”;on anti-corruption activities for the purpose of enhancing the impact of these activities, including support for the UN Convention against Corruption.



The Global Programme against CorruptionGPACof UNODC and the Office of Internal Oversight ServicesOIOSact as the secretariat for the IGAC.The Chairperson and the SecretariatUNODC, UNOIOSmanage and support the work of IGAC and identify the theme for each meeting, including the selection of appropriate speakers.Members may suggest thematic ideas to the Secretariat for their review.

Chairperson of the Group serves a two year term.The Chairperson oversees the activities of the Group, including the Secretariat, and the organization and conduct of two meetings per year.The Secretariat will also identify funding sources for the activities of the Group where necessary.

The Chairperson serves as a Spokesperson for the Group at public fora and direct efforts to publicise and advocate the work of the Group.

The IGAC Secretariat is also responsible, with the Chairperson, for the development and maintenance of an electronic database and website on international anti-corruption activities.


The Chairperson will report on the activities of IGAC at each meeting for review and comment by the Group, including any proposed amendments to the Terms of Reference.



IGAC held meetings annually.The meeting focused on technical cooperation to support the establishment of specialized anti-corruption units and bodies, to strength preventive anti-corruption capacities, to provide legal advisory services, to enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies, to engage civil society in the prevention and control of corruption, and to prepare technical manuals and conduct research with a view to offering guidance for the effective implementation of the provisions of the UNCAC.